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    FIS International Fair 2020: May 16--> Call to Countries

    The FIS International Fair (FIS IF) is the largest annual school event where we celebrate our internationalism. Each year our students, staff and teachers represent more than 50 countries across the world. It is an important FIS event, which offers the community the opportunity to meet in a fun and relaxed atmosphere towards the end of the school year; it also provides a chance to showcase and share the rich cultural diversity at our school.

    The idea is that you get together with other families from your home country and set up a stall. You can provide food from your region and/or a game(s), activity, workshop, a dance or music performance. It would be great if you could decorate your stand with your flag, pictures and/or information of your country.

    We would very much appreciate it if you would join this year’s theme and combine if possible whatever you choose to do with the Circus theme.
    If you are travelling to your home country over the holidays, maybe you would like to bring something typical to offer or decorations for your stall. Or you can look around and bring a fun idea around the Circus theme.

    The profits collected at the fair go to the PTO funds, which are used for the benefit of the FIS community per the PTO Guidelines for Allocation of Funds.

    Join the fun and support the FIS so that your children can enjoy the best school ever!
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