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    ARC Sproul Flyering up to the September 23rd Blood Drive

    Hi everyone!

    We have our second blood drive of the semester coming up on September 23rd! It's a great opportunity to save lives, make some new friends, and gain some hours for this semester! We want this blood drive to be a success, so come out and help get donors!! If you have attended canteening orientation and flyered for at least 2 hours, you are eligible to canteen! Come flyer with us and with buddies and have a great time meeting the other members! (:

    Our table will be in front of GBC, look for our sandwich board and sign that says American Red Cross! Also, look for Buddy the Blood Drop! One of the coordinators will deal with set-up and clean-up, you just have to show up! Canteening is at Anna Head!

    We look forward to working with all of you!

    Your lovely blood coordinators,
    Abhi Ganguly, Andrew Tran, Grace Wei

    Questions? Contact me at:

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