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    Clas Ropes Course Certified Driver Slots

    Need a lift to the first MMAjr adventure? Sign up here, but be sure you sign up for the correct day. Remember Wed: Ms. Fallon & Ms Jessi, Thurs: Mr. Rob & Ms. Marie, Friday: Ms. Kat & Ms. Emily.
    Report to the school parking lot at 8 am on your day if you are going up with a certified driver. If you are arranging your own car pool system, we will see you up their!

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    Click the 'Join' link in a slot below to sign up there.
    Advisory Houses Ms. Fallon & Ms. Jessi - Wednesday, August 26 9-12:30 Advisory Houses Mr. Rob & Ms. Marie - Thursday, August 27 9-12:30 Advisory Houses Ms. Kat & Ms. Emily - Friday, August 27 9-12:30
    Autumn Douglas, five slots
    Judy Hinrichs, seven slots Note: She will be meeting a little earlier at N Shore at 8 am, students then will wait at gate with Ms. Emily until it opens
    Jill Flint, five slots
    Jeannie Smith, two slots
    Jeannie Smith, Three Slots
    Mark Smith, Three Slots
    Lynn Murphy, 5 slots
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