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    Public Disaster Preparedness Tabling/Flyering (copy)

    Hi everyone. We will be holding our public BRCR this month, 12/5 at 6PM at 47 Evans. We need your help publicizing this training in order to get as many people prepared for disasters as possible! Tabling/flyering is also an easy way for you to earn those volunteer hours! Every hour helps! When signing up, please sign up in pairs or with your buddy if possible as we would like to limit tabling alone. In order to keep this organized, I ask that if you sign up, please let me or Katie know in advance if for some reason you are unable to make it. The ARC table will be located on Sproul Plaza, set up, and the flyers will be in a bag beside the table or already laid out on the table. There will also be a sign-in sheet as well. After you are done tabling, just leave the remaining flyers on the table and please wait for the next group to show up before departing as we do not want to leave the table alone and unmonitored.

    While flyering, if you run into any issues, call or text me at 510 809 7939 or call Katie at 650-239-6797 (Texting # for Katie: 415-652-2512). Finally, if you have any questions, please let me or Katie know. Thanks!

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