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    St. Patrick Catholic Church - Ushers and Cleaning Volunteers

    Thank you for volunteering in our reopening of St. Patrick's.


    1. 1-2 people are needed per mass (This is perfect for a family to volunteer together)
    2. Doors open 20 minutes prior to mass. Please arrive 25-30 minutes early.
    3. Duties: check people in from the reservation list, assist in seating so parishioners sit toward the front of the church to aid in cleaning efforts, dismiss at end of mass from back to front, place collection box in reconciliation room.
    4. You are able to sit with your family for the majority of mass.

    Parish Greeting/Usher (Co-leaders: Teri Worth & Amy Schneider)

    Cleaning: Clean at the end of mass - spraying disinfectant on pews, kneelers and wiping down doors and high touch surfaces

    UPDATE 7/18/20 - Waivers and parent permission slips are available at the rectory office or from a greeter after mass for those outside the ages of 18-59 that would like to assist in one of these volunteer positions.

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    Tues/ Thurs. Weekday Mass Greeter at 7:15am 4:00pm Mass Greeter 7:00am Mass Greeter 10:00am Mass Greeter Cleaning Crew -please leave your name and the mass time you are signing up for (4 per mass)
    Daily Mass Tues., Sept. 29
    Daily Mass Thurs., Oct. 1
    Daily Mass Tues., Oct. 6
    Daily Mass Thurs., Oct. 8
    Weekend Masses Oct. 3 & 4
    Weekend Mass Oct. 13 & 15
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