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    Big Ideas Contest - Industry Advising Clinic, November 7, 2018

    Wednesday, November 7 | 4:00 – 6:00pm Pacific Time | UC Berkeley B100 Blum Hall or Skype
    Bay Area teams are required to attend in person, but Skype appointments are available for other campuses. Please include your project and student name, and if applicable, Skype ID in the comments section of the slot. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. Given the high demand for our advisors, we ask that you only sign up if you can absolutely commit to the appointment, and limit your team to two sign ups initially.


    Barry Pousman, Institute for the Future, Director of Content Marketing & Digital Strategy - Art for Social Good; Virtual Reality Technology; Storytelling; Digital Strategy; Advocacy; Marketing

    Caesare Assad, Food Systems 6, Program Director - Food Systems; Food Innovation; Food Concept Development; Food Access and Security

    Jeremy Faludi, Faludi Design, Sustainable Design Strategist - Hardware for Good; Sustainable Design Strategy; Circular Economy; Energy & Resource Alternatives; Mechanical Engineering

    Ryan Shaening Pokrasso, SPZ Legal, Co-Founder - Social Enterprises & Law; Legal Entity Formation; Social Venture Financing; Intellectual Property; Data Privacy; Strategy

    Stephanie Sasser, Facebook, Social Good, Global Health Partnerships - Global Health; Technology for Development; Product and Partnership Development; Sustainable Business Models; Human Centered Design

    Steven Horowitz, Ovidian Group, LLC (Intellectual Property Advisory Firm), Founder and Principal - Connected Communities; Intellectual Property Creation and Management; Software Development; Online Content and Web Applications; Product Development

    Phillip Denny, Big Ideas Contest, Program Director - Community Building; Networks & Partnerships; Civic Engagement; Proposal Development; Team Building

    Dani Bicknell, Big Ideas Contest, Program Manager - Cross-Sector Collaboration; Scaling Up Social Innovation; Financial Education; Proposal Development

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    Barry Pousman
    Caesare Assad
    Jeremy Faludi
    Ryan Shaening Pokrasso
    Stephanie Sasser
    Steven Horowitz
    Phillip Denny
    Dani Bicknell
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