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    CDP Signature Gathering Shifts

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR VOLUNTEERS: Thank you for volunteering! Please join any of the shifts below. Feel free to use just your initials or first name. And instead of your e-mail address, please put in your phone number followed by @gmail.com so that your shift leader can text message you. For example, if your phone number is 510-393-2723, put "5103932723@gmail.com." Only shift leaders can see your contact info when you sign up.

    SUGGESTED shifts are recommended times/locations for volunteers who already have materials and don't mind going out by themselves.
    LEADER shifts are for those who need training and/or materials.

    DO NONE OF OUR SHIFTS LINE UP WITH YOUR SCHEDULE? Feel free to text message Tia at (510) 393-2723 to arrange a time and place to pick up our petitions.

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    East Oakland West Oakland Downtown / Lake North Oakland More... Even More!! More, more, more VALIDITY SHIFT
    Sun, Oct 20
    Mon, Oct 21
    Tues, Oct 22
    Wed, Oct 23
    Thurs, Oct 24
    Fri, Oct 25
    Sat, Oct 26
    Sun, Oct 27
    Mon, Oct 28
    Tues, Oct 29
    Wed, Oct 30
    Thurs, Oct 31
    Fri, Nov 1
    Sat, Nov 2
    Sun, Nov 3
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