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    CDP Signature Gathering Shifts

    Please sign up for shifts below to help us bring a People's Budget to Oakland! Instead of your e-mail address, please put in your phone number followed by @gmail.com so that your shift leader can text message you. For example, if your phone number is 510-393-2723, put "5103932723@gmail.com." Only shift leaders can see your phone number.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR VOLUNTEERS: Thank you for volunteering! Please join any of the shifts below. Feel free to use your initials- only Campaign Leaders can see your e-mail address when you sign up. Shift LEADERS have marked their time slots and locations with their name (for example, 6PM-9PM LEADER: Victoria (Safeway @ Fruitvale Ave)).

    DO NONE OF OUR SHIFTS LINE UP WITH YOUR SCHEDULE? Feel free to text message Tia at (510) 393-2723 to arrange a time and place to pick up our petitions.

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