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    Stress Consultation Appointments

    **Please Note: These appointments are currently suspended. If you would like to schedule a Stress Consultation appointment, please email us at careerlibrary@berkeley.edu. Thanks!**

    Are you feeling stressed as a UC Berkeley student, in your academic endeavors, or in general? These appointments give you an opportunity to connect with a Wellness Counselor around your unique support needs!

    Stress Management Consultations are a 1-on-1 opportunity for you to share about your experience as a UC Berkeley student and get help in managing stress by learning about resources aligned with your identity, values, and needs. These 30-minute consultation sessions are an opportunity to set wellness goals and to learn and get connected to UHS and campus resources including:

    *TAO connect (TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) is an online library of engaging, interactive programs available for free to Cal students that help you learn life skills to cope with challenges and stressors)
    *UHS workshops and groups
    *CAPS and campus academic and career planning services
    *campus advising, student life, and basic needs resources
    *UHS and community counseling options

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    3 - 4pm