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    CWVC Agility Trial - Friday, June 3, 2022

    Thank you for agreeing to help with the next Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club agility trial on Friday, June 3 at Canine Sports Zone in Middleton, WI. If you have any questions or problems using this, please be sure to let Jone Brown know by emailing her at autumnacresvizslas@gmail.com.

    THIS IS THE SIGN-UP SHEET FOR FRIDAY. Volunteer positions are shown across the top. The running order is shown down the left side. To sign-up for slot(s), simply click on the "join" button and then enter your email address. Should be super duper simple! Please note that the more classes you work, the more raffle tickets you'll earn for our worker raffles!! Our awesome workers will also receive snacks, refreshments and lunch.

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    Click the 'Join' link in a slot below to sign up there.
    Gate Steward Timer Scribe Leash Runners (2 preferred) Bar Setters
    Premier STD
    Mas/Ex STD 4 - 12
    Mas/Ex STD 16
    Mas/Ex STD 20 - 24
    Mas/Ex JWW 4 - 12
    Mas/Ex JWW 16
    Mas/Ex JWW 20 - 24
    Open JWW
    Novice JWW
    Open STD
    Novice STD
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