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    Office Hours for my students, personal tutees and dissertations supervisees

    This signup sheet is for my office hours allocated to my:
    - 'Carbon Economics', 'Issues in Climate Change Economics', 'Introduction to Environmental Economics' and 'Natural Resource and Environmental Economics' students
    - personal tutees
    - and dissertations supervisees.

    Send me an email if you need to see me for other purposes, or if you need to see me in other times.

    - Book one slot only, unless agreed otherwise beforehand
    - Don't double book a slot already booked
    - Write your full name and use your university email
    - Be on time
    - In case you can't make the appointment or don't need it anymore, cancel immediately. You will receive cancellation instructions via email after you signup

    Alaa Al Khourdajie, University of Edinburgh
    Webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/akhourdajie/

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    15:00-15:15 15:15-15:30 15:30-15:45 15:45:16:00 16:00-16:15 16:15-16:30 16:30-16:45 16:45-17:00
    Tuesday - Week 01
    Tuesday - Week 02
    Tuesday - Week 03
    Tuesday - Week 04
    Tuesday - Week 05
    Creative Learning Week
    Tuesday - Week 06
    Tuesday - Week 07
    Tuesday - Week 08
    Tuesday - Week 09
    Tuesday - Week 10
    Tuesday - Week 11
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