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    Friday, July 26th LTDTC Agility Trial

    Thank you for volunteering to help us on Friday, July 26, 2019. Without the efforts of people like you agility trials would not be possible. All times are estimates so please check in with the ring captain early. As a thank you, a hospitality room will be provided.
    To see the rest of ring 2, the scroll bar is located at the bottom of the chart. If you have any questions or trouble signing up please email Gina Cameron at ltdtcmembership@gmail.com
    Thank you Again!
    The 2019 LTDTC Agility Trial Committee

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    Ring 1 Time 2 Beat Premier Standard Master/Ex Standard 24"/16" Master/Ex Standard 12"/8"/4" Master/Ex Standard 20" (1st half) Master/Ex Standard 20" (2nd half) Open Standard Novice Standard Ring 2 Premier JWW Master/Ex JWW 20" (1st half) Master/Ex JWW 20" (2nd half) Master/Ex JWW 24"/16" Master/Ex JWW 12"/8"/4" Open JWW Novice JWW FAST (Master/Ex) FAST (Open/Novice)
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    Sheet Runner
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