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    Shakespeare Fundraiser Auditions

    Choose a 2-5 minute Shakespearean style monologue or Sonnet.
    If you are unable to make the date but would like to audition, submit a 2-5 minute video to shakespearestaffkta@gmail.com

    Callbacks March 28th 12:00 PM-2:00 PM in person. Auditioners will be paired to read from the script.

    Strict COVID-19 precautions will be in place for in person auditions. A mask must be worn by auditioners at all times with the exception of performing your audition piece.

    For questions, please email shakespearestafkvta@gmail.com

    Guides: William Shakespeare or Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare’s Wife)-Male or Female 20-40 years of age

    Vignette 1-Romance
    Antony and Cleopatra:
    Antony-Male 18-50 years of age
    Cleopatra Female 18-50 years of age
    Messenger-Double Cast as Sonnet Performer - Male or Female 15+ years of age

    Twelfth Night:
    Malvolio-Male 18-50 years of age
    Olivia-Female 18-50 years of age
    Viola (Dressed as Cesario)-Female -18-50 years of age
    Maria -Double Cast as Sonnet Performer-Female 15-50 years of age

    Vignette 2- Tragedy
    King Lear:
    King Lear-Male 50+ years of age
    Goneril-Double Cast as Sonnet Performer-Female 30-40 years of age
    Regan-Double Cast as Sonnet Performer-Female 25-35 years of age
    Cordelia-Female 20-30 years of age
    Kent-Male 35+ years of age

    Hamlet-Male 20-35 years of age
    Ophelia-Female 20-35 years of age

    Vignette 3-Comedy
    Comedy of Errors:
    Antipholus of Syracuse-Male 20-40 years of age
    Dromio of Syracuse-Male 20-40 years of age

    Merry Wives of Windsor:
    Mistress Page-Female 30-55 years of age
    Mistress Ford-Female 30-55 years of age

    2 Sonnet Performers-Male or Female 15+ years of age

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