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    Fox Valley Dog Training Club - Correction Clinic Workers 2019

    FVDTC Correction Clinic Volunteers for 2019

    If you have any questions contact Ingrid Hamburger at tracking@fvdtc.org

    To sign up for a job click on any spot where you see "Join". You may also remove your name if you are not able to help.

    Thank you all for volunteering to help. It takes a lot of people to put on the clinics and we very much appreciate your time. Don't forget you get a free run for helping PLUS if you are a FVDTC member you get a work credit!

    Please arrive by 6:30pm to do judge/steward run-thrus prior to the start of the clinic.

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    Click the 'Join' link in a slot below to sign up there.
    January - 1/17/19 February - 2/21/19 March - 3/21/19 April - 4/18/19 May - 5/16/19 June - 6/20/19 August - 8/15/19 September - 9/19/19 October - 10/17/19 November - 11/14/19
    Information Table - need 2
    Rally - need 2
    Novice Steward - need 3
    Beginner Novice/Novice - Steward - need 3
    Grad Novice/Open Steward - need 3
    Open Steward - need 3
    Grad Open/Utility Steward - need 3
    Utility Steward - need 3
    Backup Steward - need 2
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