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    Engaged Learning: The Global Dimensions of Student Development and the Importance of Building Community

    Free Conference Call sponsored by ACPA's Commissions for Global Dimensions of Student Development and Student Involvement

    Date: 25 October 2011 - 12:00-1:30pm (EST - please make adjustments if you are in a different time zone.) Please register by 23 October 2011. Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 136500). Thank you for your flexibility.

    Cost: Normal long distance charges will apply. (Callers will be charged for long-distance service on their phone bill.).

    Abstract: Want to increase student learning, retention, and comfort and make your programming more enjoyable (for students and you!)? We’ll discuss how to boost every program you deliver for your diverse student population by using interactive activities, intercultural communication theories, the stages of a group's life, experiential education theory, neuropsychology research, and community cohesion techniques. Within the conference call mode, we’ll play activities together and discuss the why’s and how’s of ordering, framing, facilitating, and debriefing them for optimal student development and connection. You will come away with tangible take-aways and creative possibilities for the future.

    Speaker Bio: Stephanie Pollack, MA, is a facilitator, trainer, educator, and consultant with 20 years of experience working on 6 continents. Stephanie has worked in numerous areas of higher education, including multicultural affairs, study abroad, first year experience, residence life, campus activities, admissions and enrollment, service learning, staff and faculty development, as well as serving as an adjunct professor, visiting speaker, and consultant to dozens of campuses. With her business Creative Facilitations she develops and leads innovative transformation processes, retreats, trainings, educational programs, and community building events around the globe. Select clients include Bard College, University of Virginia, Portland State University, Fulbright, National MultiCultural Institute, Royal Caribbean Cruises (The Scholar Ship), Bioneers, and Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Stephanie is passionate about combining the arts and interactive on-your-feet methods to inspire ‘A-Ha’ moments for cultural proficiency, leadership development, conflict prevention, and community building. www.CreativeFacilitations.com

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